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College of Medicine & Forensics of Xi’an Jiaotong University is the first school that established the discipline of Forensic Medicine in China in 1953. The founder is Prof. Bingwei Hu who is well-known as a forensic scientist. The former name is Forensic Medicine department in Xi’an Medical University. It is the named as the college of Medicine & Forensics in China in 1996.

The college has recruited students varying from undergraduates, graduates and postdoc fellow as well. It was approved by the Ministry of Education to establish the first national key discipline of forensics in 2001. It has the first forensic key laboratory established by Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Public Security and Supreme People's Court in 1999. The Key Laboratory of Forensic Medicine of Shanxi Province was established in 1997. It is also the only one training center for the officers in forensic medicine. In 2009, it found the national high quality course of forensic medicine and was upgraded to national open access course in 2013. From 2005 to 2018, it is ranked in the first level of college in the national university discipline.

The college has a faculty at a reasonable age, with reasonable knowledge structure, excellent professional quality, and high rallying power and capability through training and introduction. There are more than 50 full-time and part-time faculty members, 70% of them with doctoral degrees and 47% of them with senior titles. Besides, there are several visiting professors and part-time professors and 3 external academicians. They undertake teaching and research tasks such as theoretical teaching, experimental teaching, clinical medical internship, and forensic field internship in Forensic Medicine. More than 150 graduates or doctors, 1800 undergraduates and 3000 senior forensic cadres have graduated from our college.

There are 5 departments in the College (Department of Forensic Evidence, Department of Forensic Pathology, Department of Clinical Forensic...

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